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Originally Posted by briererocks View Post
It is still way too early to throw in the towel, but it is very plausible that pretty soon this team may be out of the playoff contention. This begs the questions who deserves or should be traded:

1. Timmonen - he could probably yield a good prospect and draft prospect. He is not part of the future of this team.

2. Coburn - he is overrated and sucks. I cannot wait to see him wear another jersey.

3. Simmonds - he is highly overrated. He can score but is an awful passer and often loses board battles despite his size. In my opinion, he is a third line player - definitely not top 6. If we can get an excellent prospect back it is worth considering.

4. Meszaros- whatever we get back is a plus. Injuries ruined his development and possibly his career.

5. Grossman - he is a decent defenseman who is highly overrated because our defense is so pathetic. He is not a good passer and has no offensive ability. We do not need 6 stay at home defenseman. Schenn is a much better defenseman who plays a similar game.

6. Talbot - another fan favorite who should go depending on the return. If we can get a second for him or a good prospect he should be traded. He is only signed for 2 more years and if the return is good he should be traded.


Players who should not be traded.

1. Couturier - he is 20 years old. Everybody needs to chill out and be patient with him.

2. Voracek - he is a special player who is having a horrible season.

3. Giroux - see above.

4. Lecavalier - he is a great player on a bad team. Hopefully we can turn it around next season.

5. Mason - he has played very well despite the team in front of him.

6. B. Schenn - he is still young and getting better. We need to be patient.

7. L. Schenn - he is very physical, can pass and has some offensive acumen. Not a great player but very solid.

8. Read - he is a hardworker who made the NHL by sheer will. He can shoot, pass the puck, play a 2 way game etc.. He should be kept.
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