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10-17-2013, 10:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Callagraves View Post
1) The person I'm responding to implied that having a goon would act as a deterrent. I'm disagreeing.

2) The text in bold makes zero sense. I'm calling the deterrent effect of an enforcer a myth. You respond that my assertion is a myth. Wouldn't you simply say that what I'm calling a myth is actually true?

3) Where did I suggest a team sticking up for each other is a bad thing? Standing up and taking a penalty on retaliation in that situation is a TERRIBLE idea. By all accounts, the majority of our players wanted at Brouwer, but AV held them back.

In other cases, a teammate stepping up and challenging an offender DEFINITELY has it's point. Early in a game, when a game is out of reach, really, most situations that isn't protecting a 2 goal lead against the team with the best powerplay in the league when the team hasn't won a point in THREE GAMES STRAIGHT. That win was mandatory. We needed out of a tail spin.

Don't think that this team "tucks tail". They're grown men, professional atheletes, hockey players no next. Do you really want to suggest that men who happily throw themselves in front of frozen, vulcanized rubber launched at 100 miles per hour on a regular basis are afraid of getting into a fight in a situation where NEITHER participant has any foot traction whatsoever?

4) And I really hate to be so petty, but it's damn near impossible to take a poster seriously when their username ends in "420".
1) I didn't realize you were responding to someone who actually felt that way. I didn't see him say that. I thought you were implying that anyone who thinks we need to be a tougher team or dress someone capable of doing the heavy lifting fight wise also thought players would never get hit or hurt if we did so. Hence me calling it a myth. Sorry for the confusion.

2) I clearly stated that sometimes you need to pick your spots but allowing things to go unanswered altogether is the wrong way to go in my opinion. Yea, we needed a win but there are ways of responding without taking penalties too. Nobody even attempted to lay a big hit on Brouwer or one of his teammates. If you don't believe the hit was intentional that's fine but what about the instances in other games where it clearly is and we do nothing?

3) If they are not afraid then why don't they do it? What about all the times when we are losing or the game is out of reach and they fail to respond? What's their excuse then? Have you also forgotten Girardi standing there watching Gabby get owned by Carcillo? Turning the other cheek seems to be part of the Ranger culture and I would argue that other teams are aware of it and look to exploit it.

4) You are petty and if having "420" in my name means you don't take me seriously I really don't care. That says a lot more about you then it does me and makes you sound incredibly ignorant. You do realize that some of the most successful and intelligent people on the planet also smoke don't you? If not then that's your problem, not mine.

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