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01-18-2004, 08:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Bring_Bak_Damphousse
Hmmm so winnipeg had there chance and blew it....didn`t Quebec blow there chance aswell??? What about Atlanta and Colorado the first time around??? It`s funny that a place like Atlanta would get a 2nd crack at the NHL when the idea of Winnipeg getting another go at it is out of the question.
Winnipeg, and Quebec, lost their teams for two different reasons. One was lack of interest, no ownership.. few fans...(Winnipeg), and the other was a greedy owner who took the money and ran, when Colorado made him a nice offer for a dying hockey club(Quebec)

You'll never see an NHL team in any of these cities, regardless. If there was a chance of one, or the other.. I'd say Quebec could support a team more.

Atlanta's market is harder to crack, but the NHL could still be huge there in time. I'm not sure if the ownership is patient enough. It also made sense, since Ted Turner could broadcast the games on his own TV network.

It is a small market much like the majority of the Canadian teams...but that`s all supposed to change if Bettman/Goodenow get there heads outter the ***** and fix the mess that is the NHL. If the CBA is ever fixed so that all teams can compete than Winnipeg would be a great place for an NHL team.
They will never fix the CBA, so a team in Winnipeg could survive. They would need a 15-18 million dollar payroll, and you wouldn't find a star player anywhere. In 1997, the jets had a payroll of 22 million US, and where still losing 4-6 million per year.

I don't think they should be fixing the game, so that hockey could survive in any town. Revenue sharing wouldn't work in the NHL, because the TV money isn't there as in the NFL.

I don't know about you, but I watched a lot of televised games in Winnipeg. It was a joke, until playoff time.. which was a rare event. Very little fan support.

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