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10-18-2013, 10:27 AM
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vCash: 500 MDV's presser. Ill edit in some quotes

  • MDV back for 14' season as a DP. Teammates & Coaching staff were "Extremely pleased" to hear the news of MDV coming back.
  • Sandro Nesta will have a "homage" for him in Saturday's game as his last Home Pro game ever.
  • Now that Marco is back for one year, it will make our job easier to transition and find someone that can step in his boots. No rush, will be able to find the [ideally] perfect fit
  • Now that MDV's case is closed, we'll work on Schallibaum
  • Saputo (and a lot of other teams) found the idea of a winter calendar ridicioulous when talked about in the MLS Board of Gov. meetings
  • Without goin in to details, they modified MDV's option on his contract. It didn't come down to them to take or leave the option. By fixing with the option, Joey says that MDV's salary was "negocie a la hausse" (Salary increase)

Di Vaio:
  • Wants to keep playing, only thing that made him hesitate was the family (Illness + Being away from his immediate family). Wanted to know if his wife could be alone for a year.
  • Decided to make his decision before the end of the season so the fans would see that he isn't staying JUST because they made the playoffs and they're winning, and will stay even if they dont make it this year, although he does want to absolutely win and make the playoffs at any cost
  • There are a lot of players that want to come to Montreal according to MDV. (Joey: Do you guys want to see the list? *laughs* all around)
  • When asked about his body language, he says its the "Result" that frustrates him. The fact that they're not winning
  • Thanks Bologna, because he signed a contract with them to work in the office, and everyone expected him back, but they respected his decision.
  • When asked if it will be his last contract, he laughed and said "I don't know, things change quickly, just look at the last 3 months"

  • Team bottled last 6 games. Ref missed Penalty vs LA & team deserved at least one pt
  • [On penaltys] It has been 3 times now, has to change
  • Resigning Marco shows Europe and Italy that MTL is a comfortable place, that is competitive and welcoming

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