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10-18-2013, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs4Life View Post
one thing being a habs fan and all is we sure over-rate our prospects it's actually been shown over the years. I have to agree with other team forums on that statement.

It would be nice we could actually grab the facts and come back to reality to show a real rating of his performance which is below average over the past few years and that he hasn't improved at all.
Saying things that are clearly and explicitly not true about him isn't exactly grabbing the facts. In fact saying he is slow and has bad hands are the opposite of that, as is claiming he hasn't improved when his team play and defensive skills are clearly improved, even if they are still flawed.

Now it's possible to "grab the facts" and say negative things about him. He still has moments of bad decision making, his defensive game is erratic, he's still physically learning to deal with adults and needs more strength. He's hardly the best prospect in Sweden, and arguably we have a similar prospect in Lehkonen who is more well rounded despite being a year younger.

It still is ridiculous to say he isn't developing because of his stats, the patient, let him work on everything else approach has its advantages. Yes it's possible it turns him into another MPS who never improves, or he follows the development path of plenty of other Swedish late bloomers in this league who ended up better overall players from these sort of growing pains.

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