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10-18-2013, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
So because the team has been bad, that somehow gives Zuccarello a pass?
Yes, actually.
Zuccarello isn't the Rangers.
Pouliot isn't the Rangers.
Boyle isn't the rangers.
Pyatt isn't the Rangers.
Biron isn't the rangers.
Del Zotto isn't the Rangers.
Brassard isn't the Rangers.
Callahan isn't the Rangers.
Dorset isn't the Rangers.
Fast isn't the Rangers.
Miller isn't the Rangers.
The Moores isn't the Rangers.
Richards isn't the Rangers.
Stepan isn't the Rangers.
Girardi isn't the Rangers.
Falk isn't the Rangers.
Stralman isn't the Rangers.
Staal isn't the Rangers.
Mcdonagh isn't the Rangers.

Together they are the Rangers.

So to just assign all the blame on one or a few of these players is counter-productive. We are 5 games in. We've won two with great play, lost two with terrible play all around, and lost one with terrible play from a few players.

Everyone, with the exception of a few, has had bad games this season. Zuccarello had 2 good games, 2 okay game, and 2 terrible games. But this goes for most of the players on the team. Pouliot has had 1 good game, and 5 terrible games. Richards has had 3 great games.

Last year in a shortened season, the rangers had a road record of 10–12–2. Now, with a new coach and a LOOOOONG road stretch, 2-4-0 isn't terrible. It's bad, but not damning. Yes, there were two completely and utterly embarrasing games, but people are acting like the team is on the edge of the cliff, about to become a joke in the league. They are not.

Just chill the f out. Calm down and carry on. If we get a 2-7-0 road stint, then yes you can start freaking out. But please, just stop it already. What's really embarrassing is how the fans react when the team plays badly. Instead of support, it's hate and loathing.

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