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10-18-2013, 11:16 AM
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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
Sterk sat under a different coach, one which the majority of Rangers fans were happy to see move on.

You don't develop young players by punishing them for making mistakes or a lack of production. You instil confidence in them by playing them, giving them an opportunity. Obviously that has its limitations.

IMO, Soper is not going to amount to anything more then 4th line duty in the OHL, and I've seen NOTHING from Tesky aside from his draft position to suggest otherwise either.

IMO, it wouldnt be fair to either to sit them because they arent producing. Soper isnt up to the speed and skill of the OHL, at least not yet, and Tesky has been a let down since coming into the OHL.

I agree that Blasby and Learn are the obvious choice to be brought up in tesky and Soper's absense (personally I feel both should be in the line-up ahead of tesky and soper as it is, but i dont run the club).

Can't forget about Kohn as well. He sat last game as a healthy scratch.

What I believe is happening atm, is Heibert is getting Learn and Blasby ALOT of minutes in Jr.B because he feels it'll bring them along better then 6-7 in the OHL, while players that are a bit older (Soper, Tesky), who are likely not in the long-term plans of the Rangers are the ones on the roster now playing the 6-7 minutes because if they dont develop, its an "Ohwell, they didnt project onto our roster moving forward anyways, and what we need is more mature players on our bottom 6".

Players like these come and go every year.
Well said!!!!!!!!!
And if Soper or Teskey would show something then great for the Rangers....nothing ventured, nothing gained!

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