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Originally Posted by Mike Farkas View Post
Yeah, I wasn't expecting much (also went to Voorhees before...trying to work my way into a Level 2 one, but they're all filled...I asked Mike Lichtenberger he said I could just walk up to the one in Montclair, but I live in Philadelphia, so the one in Voorhees is better for me [plus, I'm away with one of the teams I coach this weekend]. Anyway, I wasn't expecting too much from the Level 1 and it actually wasn't bad. Because I'm used to coaching college level and up players, I have a pretty firm grasp of tactics, but my youth player development skills are lacking and they focused on that which was helpful to me.

I don't recall being told to bring skates and a helmet or anything...I thought that was for later levels. I'm pretty annoyed that I might not get to a level 2 in this short "coaching clinic season"
Normally once a clinic "fills" they open it up as soon as someone contacts them asking them to. It must truly be full.

As for the on ice portion, if USA Hockey can get the ice (translated, the rink donates it) they demonstrate ADM at work with various stations going on at the same time to maximize ice and it is typically those in Level 1 who must attend. I believe there is a more in depth on ice portion at Level 4.

I got much more out of Level 2 than I did Level 1. is offline   Reply With Quote