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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
13 years
9 years missed playoffs
4 years playoffs made
In only one year has the team won a playoff series out of 13, the miracle cup run with Roloson stealing a couple of series and Pronger at his best.

Essentially he has had one good year as GM and even then I'm suspicious on how much he had to do with it.

Things could have even been worse if some of his brain child moves actually worked out (Heatley, Nylander)

This has been the one constant with this team. A guy with zero accountability running the show and thoroughly deluded into thinking he is doing a good job. He has been so used to be lofted softballs by the media over the years he goes off on a wild rant about tiers of fans and his 6 rings if even one media guy asks a tough question.

Forget the goalies.
Forget the GM.
Forget the coach.

Until we have any accountability and or competence from the top of this organization we are going no where. Too bad Katz is just a pure fan boy that gobbles up whatever is fed to him. People used to laugh at Wang and Snow, Snyder and Holmgren, Our combo is worse.
Amazing that people on this board still thumb their nose at Burke who has a far, far better overall track record and rebuilt the Leafs in a shorter time span with the benefit of zero top 3 picks.

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