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10-18-2013, 02:31 PM
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Originally Posted by BlueChip01 View Post
That is so funny every time I watch it. He couldn't help, but add in his two cents.

Lets say Lowe comes out tonight and says he is done. Then what?

Sometimes I think it is too easy to just blame everything on Lowe. If Lowe quits tonight, what will happen?

Will the Gm change? Coach change?

Or is the big thing everybody questions is that possibly Lowe has Katz's ear and is giving him bad advice?
Then the search is on for a QUALITY hockey guy to replace him and it's at that time where the REAL rebuild actually happens. If he quits today then the process begins tomorrow. If it happens five years from now then the process begins five years from now and we will have wasted nine years instead of just four.

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