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10-18-2013, 03:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Megustaelhockey View Post
Unlikely we will ever see a major ticket overhaul again. It's obvious they are strongly trying to move everyone toward e-ticketing.
Yeah that is a trend, I'm just glad in New York State it's illegal for venues to issue tickets that can't be transferred or resold. New Jersey is passing a similar law and it's going to be even better because it'll force the teams and event promoters to disclose exactly how many tickets are being sold, just so they can't manipulate sales like the Rangers & Knicks are doing now. But hopefully STHs are vocal enough here to keep the hard tickets as an option. They charge $25 per account for the hard ticket option now. I'm not sure what their cost is on printing a ticket booklet but I'd probably be willing to pay $50 just to have those hard tickets as souvenirs.

Originally Posted by sbjnyc View Post
I prefer the crappy coupons to the alternative but I also prefer no coupons to the 1.8% discount ones they've sent in the past.
Well they've now completely done away with all coupons except for those $10 off parking which is stupid because you can easily find free parking after 7 pm within a 6 block radius of the Garden. Or if you prefer checking it, you can hit up to find the cheapest garages in manhattan which end up being cheaper than the Meyers garages even AFTER the $10 coupons

What would be really sweet is if every 5 years or so they gave you a free pair of new Bauer or CCM hockey skates =)

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