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Originally Posted by Consultant View Post
Lowe, Mac T etc know how to do their jobs they just need a bit more time...
Mac T is responsible for player movement and he has only been on the job a couple months. They need more time, might sound crazy but I think its true.
Hate to be the odd man out, but I do like Lowe, and I like a lot of the moves he's made over the years, many forced by players not liking Edmonton. He would do anything for this club, including fighting Burke in a barn. He is Oilers to the core and has given his all to the team and city.
I don't think he's the problem, just a good scapegoat.
Now is not the time to hit reset.
Same reset every year or so.

Oh Quinn and tambo need a bit of time.
Oh Renney needs some time to fix the mess of Quinn.
Oh Krueger needs some time to fix Renneys mess.
Oh Mact and Eakins need some time to fix Kruegers mess.

They are out of time. 5 years in a row of top 10 picks, no playoffs in what six years or so? Time is up. Produce wins or gtfo.

Also re MacT. Lowe hires a coach who failed here after he had a whopping 1 year as exec vice president. He then goes out an hires another fail in Scott howson, have retained 2 sad sack assistants that have some how endured through numerous coaching changes.

No sorry, as un fair as it might be MacT and Eakins get no 'time' to 'fix' things.

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