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10-18-2013, 06:49 PM
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Keep in mind that sports training is different from traditional weight training routines. For instance, the body part split workout is popular but sometimes not suited to sports training.

Instead, perform movements based on movement where a lot of muscles are working to produce a specific sequence of movements. A lot of the exercises mentioned previously in this thread are great — Kettlebell swings (hip dominant explosive movement) and Bulgarian Split Squats (Knee dominant movement with hip extension).

Both the movements above are excellent for hockey because they put the joints and muscles through movements that you do on the ice.

For upper body, chopping/throwing exercises with medicine balls are great because they focus on rotational of power through the core.

As a variation to pull ups, do inverted rows (horizontal pull ups). Plyometric push ups are great for the pushing musculature in the chest but you'll have to work up to those.

Those guys serious about their training will eventually perform Olympic style power lifts. Here's a couple of the guys I trained doing some basic but really effective power clean exercises:

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