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01-18-2004, 09:06 AM
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I will respond to your points, as below:

Originally Posted by txpd
Because the Caps don't have a complimetary player for Gonchar,29, now they should trade him? Thats like saying that you should sell the Ferrari in your garage because you don't have gas money right now?
The Caps lack defensive depth in a very serious way. They only have 2 defensemen that a competitive team would carry (Witt and Gonchar). Gonchar is the highest-priced player of value the Caps can reasonably trade and expect a decent return. Trading Gonchar for two #2-3 defensemen (who are still improving) does 3 things: 1) improves the Caps depth on defense, allowing for one AHLer to be replaced with a NHL-caliber player. 2) it sheds payroll, which is a desired goal of the organization. 3) better positions the Caps for the future since they will miss the playoffs this year. Clearly, the status quo is not working, despite Gonchar's offense.

Originally Posted by txpd
It should be pointed out that Boston would never trade for Gonchar because he would make more money than Thornton or would be traded as an RFA. You may have noticed that no trades are happening anyway.
Thornton makes $5.5mil; Gonchar would not get more than that next year. Martin Lapointe's ludicrous salary drops to $4mil next year. No trades are happening because teams willing to take on salary realize they can probably get into the playoffs without taking on those star players (thus they don't need to pay the big salaries); picking those players up at the deadline for younger players improves their chances for the playoffs but doesn't cost them in salary (since most of their salary is already paid). I don't expect you will see much movement until very near the deadline.

Originally Posted by txpd
Gonchar is under 30..lest we forget. over 30 is not over the hill like it used to be.
Robert Lang will be at his top effectiveness right thru the rest of his contract.
Gonchar is 30 before season's end. I wouldn't count on Lang's continued scoring pace; until I see two seasons of 90-100pts, he's consistently good for 70pts.

Originally Posted by txpd
the Caps have no stars in the wings? actually they seem to have as close to a for sure one on the wing in the wings as you get. Semin. If he is not an elite player, then he will have failed his potential. Do you really think that Jillson is a future #2 NHL defenseman on a good team? Do you think Boynton is as well? I think that is stretching it.
I wouldn't call Semin a sure thing. Nash is a sure thing. Kovalchuk is a sure thing. Semin is talented, but it is unclear whether he is willing to fight through battles and put forth a consistent work ethic. He was cut from the Russian world junior team because of his indifferent play, and only later was added. I didn't mean Jillson would be a #2-3 on a good team, I meant he would be that on the Caps. I do think that Boynton is a solid #2 d-man, logs huge minutes, plays in all situations and is on pace for ~ 30 pts. Jillson's potential has not been realized - currently, a big guy who gets ~ 30 pts is good for #3 on many teams, certainly the Caps.

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