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10-18-2013, 08:51 PM
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Originally Posted by DisgruntledGoat View Post
Does anyone else hold out hope that this hiring of Messier as a consultant may mark the end of the Lowe era?

I mean, if there was ever a guy who'd cut his best friend's throat to win some hockey games, its Messier. No one else in the old boy's club is gonna do it.

I'm hoping he comes in, looks around, then pulls Katz aside and says, 'this guy's gotta go'.

Unlikely? Improbable? Crazy? Yeah... I know... It goes to show how sad things have gotten that this is the best chance I can see to get rid of this cancer.
These guys friendship goes back almost 35 years. It's very important to all of them. It looks like a sanctuary for all of them. Messier isn't going to come in here and demand Lowe or anybody else be removed. Even if he did, how would that change anything? We'd be going from one guy who has already proven he is in over his head to another guy with ZERO experience in running a hockey team at any level. You want to waste another dozen years watching another unqualified guy exhaust every option he can think of? Unless the next guy is an experienced executive with no ties to this organization things around here will never change.

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