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01-18-2004, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Joe Malone
I know everyone has a cross to bear.....but, where did I go wrong?

I appreciate your concern mcphee, and it's worse than I've admitted. He has Leaf posters on his bedroom wall, and a Mats Sundin picture - framed! He considers Tie Domi one of his favorite players. He likes Eddie Belfour too. I've even seen him smile when Darcy Tucker is on the ice. (Did I mention we dropped him on his head as a child?) His mother, raised by good God-fearing Habs' fans, has actually purchased articles of Leafs' clothing for the young lad. Leafs tuque, ball caps, jacket, sweaters and t-shirts! He wears a Leaf sweater and socks to hockey practice. (I sit alone across the rink from the other parents.)

He's the oldest of four kids. The second child, also a boy, has his room plastered with Koivu and Theodore posters, and is resplendant in all his Habs garments. He can recite the Habs lineup, and speaks with reverence of names like Lafleur, Beliveau, Richard and Mike McPhee. I strut proudly into the rink for his hockey practices.

Child three, a girl, is indifferent about hockey. She says hockey players stink, and that figure skaters are tougher, but likes the Habs because Dad does.

Child four, another boy, is a Flames fan because he likes their third jersey with the horse on the front. You know the one with the flaming nostrils? (He first saw it in a Canadian Tire sale flyer.) I take consolation in the fact that the Flames regular jersey is red and has a "C" on the front.

But the Leaf fan is influenced by his two uncles (Dumb and Dumber ) I believe he's beyond the point of recovery. I'm considering electrcal shock therapy, and if it doesn't work, I'll disown him when he's 12.
Hey, you have done your best... the dropping of the baby on his head thing is true, this has happened to thousands of kids that have eventually become leaf fans.. Maybe he will come to his senses when the Habs raise the cup someday soon!

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