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12-07-2006, 01:14 PM
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Originally Posted by Papa_Bear_21 View Post
Actually, I would have to disagree completely.
That Gomez play (which started from behind the New Jersey net) was the same play they used to score at least one and maybe a couple of goals against us last year.
If you watched the whole game, you would have noticed that the Devils tried to run it on many occasions but the Canadiens (and its due to coaching) always had someone pressure Gomez to give up the puck.

BUT on the play that lead to the goal, Pleckanec (who for some reason, forgets how to play defense when he's with Kovy and Sammy) not only went the wrong way, allowing Gomez to rush up the ice, but did not cover the slot, which is where the puck ended up.

(By the way, you should never rely on the in game analysis of Houde and Pedneault - who blamed it on Sourray - because as entertaining as they are, they are not great hockey guys)

On the second goal, both Koivu and Sourray got caught deep in the zone (I believe its Koivu that turned the puck over) but Koivu did not backcheck at all. Even Carbonneau said that he had no problem with Sourray taking the penalty, because he prevented a prime scoring opportunity.
With 9 seconds left, there is no way Bouillon should have let Elias get the shot past him. He was AWFUL all night.

I'm not relying on the 2 guys from the Muppet SHow for my comments... I'm relying on my eyes.

Sheldon Souray is our Brian Mccabe. Great offensive instincts, and a killer shot, but he SUCKS defesively, hands down.

people keep on saying that our team will go down without Sheldon, and I beg to differ. The guys sucks defensively, and when you suck defensiveily and play close to 20 minutes a game, that means that the Habs need to score mroe goals to pull off a win because of bonheaded defensive plays in his own zone and in the offensive zone at times.

People may not see this now, but trust me, when he gets moved, (and he WILL get moved) you'll notice how much this guy ***** the bed on 'D'.

If you play close attention to all of our games, not only do teams constantly attack Souray's side, but they cycle the puck down low behind the net on a regular basis, while he pulls his little 'one hand on the stick, slashing it violently at the opponent while holding on to him with the other arm just a tad'.

Sheldon Souray sucks defensively... bottom line... last night it cost us another point.

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