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Originally Posted by Kyle McMahon View Post
I'd guess there was about 12,000 people actually in the stands tonight.

Didn't see a win at Commonweath this year. I didn't go to the Winnipeg game. Bravo boys. Not sure when the next time I'll be in that stadium will be, but Kavis Reed won't be on the sidelines I can guarantee that much.
27,600 paid attendance. probably as you say half of that in attendance. I didn't go. Couldn't make myself go through that. It must have felt sad. Because theres so much concern and so little closure with this club. Feeble that they couldn't even get a result in a game where Stamps even looked sympathetic.
I know we've talked about Cornish, and neither of us like the person, but as a player once again the best Stamp on the field and as he goes the team goes. He's indispensable. We beat Calgary more than we think if he wasn't in the lineup. Its so much easier being a QB in Calgary vs here due to the immediate balanced offense and threat Cornish brings. Time and time again him turning nothing into a 5yd gain, or beating contain for fun outside and making big gainers look routine. This guy is special.

Originally Posted by AJGass4 View Post
I just watched in disbelief at how horrible this team is.

Terrible play calling, in fact I wonder if there is any.

Terrible special teams.

Terrible tackling.

Last but not least, the worst O Line in the history of the CFL.

First game in my life that I have ever watched a game against Calgary and did not care in the least, I wasn't angry, wasn't sad, just plain blown away at how they are worse at game 16 than they were at game 1.

If even one of these coaches are on the sidelines in the spring, we know management cares very little about the fan base and no one should have to pay to watch that crap.
So many questions this year. But as they stated in the telecast the esk have found their answer at the key position and I'm holding onto that. I watched last night mainly for Reilly even though I think he shouldn't be playing. The heart and soul compete of this guy is incredible. I wish he could be an Oiler lol, make him captain, there, done.

Which brings me to Reilly, Stamps, Bowman, Chambers offensively give me hope. A healthy Charles would somewhat. We still need more in the backfield. Miles has looked interesting as well and I think our return game improved with the addition. Also, why was the one look yesterday the first look at this guy as receiver? He looks like a handful one on one and would like to see him get some more reps. I think this guy could give us another threat. Really sharp runner and good cuts. Can fake people out of their sneakers. Took a routine pass and made it 17yds.

Curran, Hill, Samuels looked good yesterday. Willis as well, nice to have Grymes back and we really missed this guy. Sherrit one would think has to be a lot better next year.

I try to have faith that we have a core here to work around and that we will of course improve. But will the club keep the worthwhile players, will they sign the guys that are showing they are part of a competitive core. How could they miss with Curran? If ever theres a defender that will keep playing and keep caring with nothing on the line.

Theres potential champions on this club, and some very good players. important to keep sight on that, team really needs to build around them.

Nice to see Stamps have his 5th excellent season in a row and undisputed king of receivers, Reilly 5th in rushing is interesting, albeit more than I want to see, its been a treat seeng Bowman back. Chambers is going to be special. Look for this guy to breakout.

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