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10-19-2013, 12:32 PM
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The concerning thing with Stamps, is that he's having his best and peak years on lousy teams. By the time this team, if ever, starts to get back on track, he may well be on the downhill slide. What a shame.

From what I've seen of Rene Curran, Sherrit should be moved for a piece that's needed. Curran looks like a keeper.

Shamwad Chambers will be a nice Canadian receiver for us in many years to come. One of out 2 picks turning out from that draft isn't too bad, I guess.

Will be interesting to see what happens next year at the QB position. By rights, Nichols should be #2, and more than capable to step in to take some obligatory head shots to give Reilly some relief. Want to see the battle between Jacobs and Crompton.

Hervey should move heaven and earth to load up on 1st rounders this year, and do nothing but pick O linemen. And also move anything we have of value to stock up on more of them. And open the vault for any good FA lineman. As we've found out, good Olinemen are like pieces of gold. Our QB's aren't worth **** without them. This problem has to be solved, and it has to be solved asap. Hopefully Pazstor finally gets cut from an NFL team and heads up here, would be a nice bonus. All three of the import linemen we have were absolute shyte and need to be removed.

This team also needs a power running back as well. Too bad Messam was let go for peanuts. He and Charles would have provided a good combo. Now, we need to find another Messam. When we need 2 yards, we need a guy to get it.

I don't even know what to say about the kicking game. Right now, it's a mess. We're basically stuck with Shaw, given the enormous contract he received, so we can only hope he progresses.

We also need a couple competent dbacks. Hopefully , there is a "Weldon Brown" out there for us during the off season.

Of course, I am going on the assumption that Reed and company are flushed after the season. If they are not, I will not be following or supporting this organization until that happens.

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