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12-07-2006, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Rahan View Post
Hehe yeah, I guess I forgot about your post since I didn't read this thread in one shot.. came back, read again and then I posted.

I'm at a loss as to how many "habs fans" can feel any random player they hear about could be our saviour. Can't they realise those guys aren't good and would be even worse in Montreal?

I mean, Morrison isn't very good on a Canucks that's arguably more talented offensively than we are. And you'd expect him to get Kovalev/Samsonov rolling.. big joke. John LeClair can't produce with Crosby/Malkin and is put on waivers, and they'd like Bob to pick him up.... WHAT FOR? We don't have a Crosby or a Malkin here and even those guys weren't able to make him look good enough to keep a spot in the Penguins lineup.

I just wish people would realise that just because a player is not playing in our team right now makes him someone we would need.
Are you kidding?

We have:


to name a few...


Pyatt - very very debateable.

it pretty much ends there.

Canuck's are a 1 and 1/2 line team. No depth whatsoever, we have depth and it shows if you ACTUALLY look at our stats.

And that Leclair thing, please, try to keep up with the NHL. John Leclair has lost more than a step this season, he also seems to have lost his sense of direction as he loves running into the young guns on the team. Leclair is slow, too slow to keep up with Crosby, that's why he's not putting up points, no other reason.

If Leclair from last season's shape was playing this season, Leclair wouldn't be waived at all, i'll tell you that much. As for Morrison between Kovalev and Samsonov, first off, Morrison can keep up with them skating wise, he is also a pretty nifty playmaker when he has the right guys to feed the puck to.

It's funny how people forget Kovalev was just an enigmatic russian player (the norm back in the 90's) that would put up ok numbers but never really good ones, till he was traded to pittsburgh where there is a wealth of talent on that squad. The he hits the 90s for pts and now he's this god to some homer fans on whatever team he plays for, when he was a ranger again and now as a hab. i'm as big of a habs fan as the next guy, but i also follow the canucks and there is no way i'm going to play the dissing homer game the rest are displaying wonderfully.

You take Kesler out of the Canucks lineup and put him on a different team and you'd get a different result. Different systems give you different results, not sure when this became a mystery to people.

BTW, as a Devil, Brendan started to put up the numbers we all see from him now, he put up 46 pts in his 2nd year (prior to that, 9pts in 11games). The year he was traded, he had 26pts in 44 games, then came to Vancouver and put up 9pts in 12 games.

His first full season as a Canuck, he put up 54 pts. What did Bertuzzi and Naslund put up that year? 74pts for Nazzy and Tuzzi put up 55pts. So tell me, how was Morrison mooching off those guys when the 3 really grew together and became good because they had years of playing together getting used to each other.

You have the perfect combination on that line. A sniper, playermaker, and a powerforward.

Next time, post about a player after you actually know how he plays. Last season Morrison flew out of the gates for Vancouver, then a rib injury which he really didn't tell people started to bother him and he lost a step, wasn't able to check and was hooking as a result, which is why people **** and moan about him right now. Because he played hurt the 2nd half of the season (as did Naslund) and didn't tell the media as an excuse.

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