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01-18-2004, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Habnot
Ribeiro is not French-Canadian, but a first generation Portguese-Canadian. His parents were born in Portugal. I'm not surprised of your misconception since the Montreal media have adopted him and Theo as "pure-laine" for their own nationalist ends. But you know this is Quebec where no sport debate can be had with political overtones.

1. Has anyone else noticed how critical of Koivu Pierre Houde on RDS has become?

2. Also, in the midst of the success the Habs are having of late, Friday night CKAC had a whole portion of their late night call in show dedicated on trading Koivu, while on the team 990, Melnyck is proclaming Theo and Koivu as MVP. All that to say that although I have lived in Montreal nearly all of my live, I was not always a Habs fan because of the political/language issues always surrounding the team. It seams we are going back to these days and it is frustrating to keep on liking this team hearing of the crap that is spewed on a daily basis.
They don't debate about trading Koivu on daily basis. I listen CKAC Amateurs de sports almost on daily basis and I didn't heard a show dedicated on trading Koivu. It might happened when the other guy was hosting the show, because Ron Fournier always answer to people on the phone asking to trade Koivu that it would be wrong, that Mtl would get less and Koivu is the best forward of the team, that he is the heart and soul of the team, at least one of the leaders on ice. And it's Ron Fournier's show, not the other guy.
Originally Posted by Habnot
Has anyone else noticed how critical of Koivu Pierre Houde on RDS has become?
As far as I know, we live in a free democratic country, Pierre Houde have the right to express his opinion and you are free to say his opinion is crap in return. But recently I've heard elogious comments from hockey analyst (including Houde) when they comment about Koivu. When did you heard a negative comment about Koivu?

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