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10-19-2013, 03:32 PM
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Originally Posted by oilers_guy_eddie View Post
I don't even know how much Lowe has to do with the on-ice product anymore. We were told he no longer has a hand in it, but when they showed Craig MacTavish shaking his head after the overtime goal in Toronto, Lowe was there in the press box right beside him.

Anyway. I don't really think Lowe has much hand in the on-ice product anymore, but I don't care. He just ought to go. His continued presence is just an endorsement of failure and an ongoing reminder of the past 7 years of dismal management.
Anyone who believes he doesn't have a hand in things, isn't involved in some fairly major capacity is fooling themselves. He is the president of hockey ops, and is around the team daily, in a pressbox seemingly every game with MacT and whoever else. There's no way he's just idly standing by making casual observations. He's actively involved.

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