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Depth Players

Originally Posted by BraveCanadian View Post
Good points. The opposite appears to be happening around where I live.. ice time rates are being cut because the demand isn't there etc.

Interestingly even if we assume that 25% fall through the cracks across the whole board.. we still are in the same range of male registrations in Canada as in the 70s but we have more teams to fill.

I think this, combined with the KHL and increased hockey influence in the States (as well as a whole host of other factors), is why American depth players are picking up so much slack in the NHL right now.
Depth players. Interesting detail. 1992 Canadian registration was rather low 430,000. Canadian depth player today, aged 25-29 would have been starting at the intro, novice level.Go back 20 more years and you will see the results of the late sixties,early seventies registrations in terms of 1992-93 Canadian depth players.

Compare the quality of Canadian depth players from the two periods.

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