Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers at Devils 10/19/13
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10-19-2013, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by CM Lundqvist View Post
This team is **** poorly built and looks lost out there.

Blowing this team up and rebuilding is well overdue.
From your mouth to gods ears. The Rangers are in a unique situation with the amount of valuable FAs they have. Trade those at the deadline for a killing, be bad this year and next. Add Ekblad, McDavid and everything else we score from the UFA firesale to what we already have and then go from there. Make sure one of the trades involves a prospect goalie.

BTW, Step looks great out there doesn't he? Where are all the people who said that missing training camp wouldn't be a big deal? Come on out you guys and take a bow! Way to go!

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