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10-19-2013, 09:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob Richards View Post
The only hope I'm holding onto right now is that we are missing 3 Top Six pieces.

That's about it.
Pretty much how I see it. We're not winning games with half of our top 6 out, even if the defense and Lundqvist play well.

Originally Posted by Clowe Knows Best View Post
I said it in the summer and I'll say it again. You can trash Torts and his system all you want but he got the most out of the team. What you see now is the defense and Lundqvist exposed. Add in ****** front office management making ****** organizational moves and you have a giant ****burger. I don't care about injuries, play hard for Christ sake. This team gave up mid way into the game. How many times have they given up in the middle of the game already and we're only 7 games in! Maybe this **** season will finally wake Dolan up and fire Sather's ass. And forget our drafting, Gordie Clark is just as overrated as the prospects he helps draft. I can see us getting a top 5 pick and drafting yet another d-man. Total mess, from the top to the bottom
If that defenseman is Ekblad you have to do it.

Originally Posted by Barbara Underhill View Post
It's a huge deal. Callahan is the pulse of this team. Without him or compete level drops the levels. The sad thing is we still have guys like Staal and Girardi who should have the same mentality as Callahan.

Outside about 5 guys the rest of our forwards are either playing up a line or in some cases three while a few don't even belong in this league.

All the home currently occupied by the Pyatt's and Powe's of this organization need to be filled with actual NHL talent. Pyatt is fine on the third or fourth, but that's not how he's being utilized because of injuries.

Calling the kids up to play difficult minutes isn't the answer. Believe it out not they're not franchise saying prospects. They would compliment our top six nicely if they were ready and had competent NHL vets to play alongside.

The good news is a shutout at the hands of New Jersey likely spurs management to make a move.

Scotty Bowman couldn't win with this lineup.
So much this. I'm actually pretty embarrassed by the way Girardi and Staal have played. Very pedestrian performances from them so far this year, to put it nicely. Lundqvist needs to have a Roy like meltdown to wake this team up.

Originally Posted by MollyMollyOxenFree View Post
Anyone have the number for Drury's pizzeria? This team is giving me an eating disorder.
Colony Grill, Fairfield, CT.

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