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10-19-2013, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by bobbop View Post
Ranger Boy said it best in another thread...wait until Thanksgiving to see what you really have. The first 10 games of the season are generally irrelevant. If they were, the San Jose Sharks would be a dynasty. New coach, new style, injuries to key players and a long road trip all make the first month highly unpredictable. Kick the tires now to see who will be available after the 1st Quarter and be ready to move once you size up your team. This is probably why some of the young guns (i.e. Kreider, Kristo) are staying in Hartford -- see what you have both there and here.

I remember 1994 vividly -- 4-5-1 start under Keenan, broken stick in practice incident and then the Patrick-Turcotte-Larmer trade. Not much different than what I expect to have happen here this year.
Who has to sacrifice a stick?

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