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10-19-2013, 09:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Colby View Post
I know that's a popular narrative, but I think it's impossible to quantify the effect of his holdout on his play. What we do know, though, is he has been a slow starter every year of his NHL career. Take out the hat-trick in his debut and he was put on the 4th line for a while early in his rookie season. Through nine games in 11/12 he had 0G 2A. Last year's early season slump was highlighted in this embarrassing thread:

I don't know if four seasons is a big enough sample to say he's a slow-starter, so it could just be noise instead of a signal. Either way, he, like most other Rangers, needs to pick it up.
It's not impossible at all. In those seasons he didn't miss training camp. New coach, new system. He looks terrible. The fact that he missed training camp may not be everything, but it's probably 90% of the problem.

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