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10-19-2013, 09:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Garbage Goal View Post
The second and third place teams in the Metro are only one point above the amount of games played they have. Meaning, at this rate, we could feasibly end the season with 83 points and still make the playoffs which was the original point of discussion.

This playoff system is different from the previous one and usually it wouldn't matter too much but considering how remarkably bad our division is it could actually mess with the playoffs a bit. Since the 04-05 lockout the worst record any team has ever made the playoffs with in terms of points achieved is 88 and that was still the 19th placed team. Most of the time even the worst of the playoff teams still require at least point records in the low 90's.

So 83 is far off from that. In LA's year they still achieved 95 points and were the 13th place team league-wide. The year we made a run at the SCF was probably one of the biggest runs at the Cup from one of the worst teams possible (we were barely a top 20 team that season and made the playoffs via a shootout) and despite pretty much everything working out for us (beating NY in the shootout, coming back from 0-3 against Boston) we still lost in the end.

So, going back to what you originally posted, I'd rather just get the draft pick and build towards the future rather then a fruitless run with an 83 point team. Even in a normal playoff year you can't bank on a 90 or so point team making a run at it and and 83 point team would just be historically bad for a playoff team in the modern era.
I certainly wouldn't be surprised if we saw a team make the playoffs with the worst record since the beginning of the shootout this year. However, it's a bit disingenuous to say teams with 8 points in 7 games and 9 points in 8 games are on pace to only reach 83 points. They are on pace to reach 93 and 92 points respectively, however, that doesn't account for them playing each other. Furthermore, it's really way too early to extrapolate that far.

Best case scenario, they come back from this week break and get out of this offensive slump. If they can start scoring and keep playing the way they have defensively, they may not finish with much more than 90 points, but I think that they'd still be a dangerous team in the playoffs.

Worst case scenario, they do what they did last year.

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