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10-19-2013, 09:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Winston Wolf View Post
I certainly wouldn't be surprised if we saw a team make the playoffs with the worst record since the beginning of the shootout this year. However, it's a bit disingenuous to say teams with 8 points in 7 games and 9 points in 8 games are on pace to only reach 83 points. They are on pace to reach 93 and 92 points respectively, however, that doesn't account for them playing each other. Furthermore, it's really way too early to extrapolate that far.

Best case scenario, they come back from this week break and get out of this offensive slump. If they can start scoring and keep playing the way they have defensively, they may not finish with much more than 90 points, but I think that they'd still be a dangerous team in the playoffs.

Worst case scenario, they do what they did last year.
Admittedly, I messed up the extrapolation there.

Where I stand with this team is like this. They're a great, top team on paper as hard as it is to believe at the moment. Better forward depth, more top six scoring capable players on paper then maybe the whole league as well as a young starting goalie that has been playing terrifically for us. Our D is the weakest point of focus yet they're still a middle of the pack D on paper that's more defensively-oriented then anything and subject to wearing down with Streit and Timonen. Only reasons we're not playing like that team is due to a bunch of coaching shenanigans alongside confidence shenanigans I believe.

Right now our ES goal production, all-around special teams play, and penalty discipline are all piss-poor. Our D isn't doing well but even in ideal circumstances it won't be doing too much better then it is now. In order for me to believe this team is worth making the playoffs in any way is if the offense pulls their heads out of their collective ***** to perform at ES and on the PP, our PK rebounds, and we manage to play moderately disciplined at the least (something this team has been unable to do for many seasons now which is just really annoying). I have confidence that the special teams can rebound, but between last season's ES play and god only knows how many seasons now of piss-poor discipline I doubt the other two will be corrected fully.

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