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10-19-2013, 10:27 PM
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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Fans love to overrate prospects. I remember with everyone thought Tomas Kloucek was going to save the franchise.

If you look at Kreider's draft class, he's been surpassed by two dozen of his peers at forward in both development and production. He's going to be 23 by the end of the season, most of which he'll probably spend in the minors.

McIlrath has been a disappointment, and he's injury prone. Staal made it to the NHL in two years. Del Zotto in one. This is the begiining of the fourth season in which McIlrath wasnt deserving of an NHL spot.

Skjei is good but he hasnt shown much. His ceiling was Bret Hedican, and he was a 4-7 guy his whole career. The guy never dominated at any level like McDonagh did in HS. Skjei is a long shot to make it as a top-4, let alone a star in the league.

Miller has a lot of promise, but lets be honest -- he's like Korpikoski. He'll never be more than a 3rd liner.

The rest? Look at Grachev, Fogarty, McColgan, MSC -- these guys stink.

There's nothing wrong with trading prospects, especially when they've hit a wall. Sather isnt the only GM who like reclamation projects.

You're not going to get scoring help by dangling Pyatt and Boyle. If Sather wants to improve his team and compete with Chicago and Boston and Pittsburgh, he's not going to do it with guys like taylor Pyatt and MZA playing in his top-6.
Couldn't agree more. McIlrath is already reminding me of the last significant draft mistake we made (I don't have to bring it up). I understand that it takes defense men longer to acclimate to the NHL, but this will be 3-4 seasons where he is not NHL ready. We drafted him for size AND that's pretty much it. In the new NHL, that's not enough.

We could have drafted Cam Fowler, who was available by the 10th overall spot. He's already amounted to more than we can ever expect from McIlrath. And don't get me started on passing up on Tarasenko. We could have had a young scoring winger with a ton of offensive upside and top notch talent. He's already shown flashes of brilliance and will likely be an impact player in his prime.

And we drafted McIlrath, who was being to Derian Hatcher in the best case scenario...

This isn't the clutch and grab error any more. The game is getting faster, and we drafted an untalented, big, tough guy to clear the crease in front of Lundqvist, and he can't even crack an NHL squad after 3-4 years.

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