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12-08-2006, 12:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Duff88 View Post
Do you want some help? I don't think you've seen the list, and these are only the ones that you can't argue about:

Patrick Traverse
Pierre Dagenais
Benoit Gratton
Gordie Dwyer
Sylvain Blouin
Patrick Traverse
Sergei Berezin
Eric Landry
Marti Jarventtie
Jim Campbell
Xavier Deslisle
Gino Odjick
Johan Witehall
Patrick Traverse
Eric Chouinard
Andrei Bashkirov
Christian Laflamme
Mathieu Descoteaux
Darryl Shannon
Barry Richter
Patrick Traverse
Enrico Ciconne
Eric Bertrand
Matt Higgins
Francis Belanger
Patrick Traverse
Jesse Belanger
Jim Cummins
Miroslav Guren
Patrick Traverse
Dave Morissette
Jason Dawe
Brett Clark
Eric Houde
Terry Ryan
Patrick Traverse
Brad Brown
Alain Nasredinne
Frederic Chabot
Zarley Zalapski
Patrcick Traverse
Mick Vukota
David Ling
François Groleau
Pierre Sevigny
Patrcick Traverse

There might be a name I've said more than once...

Oh come on, you can't put the fighters on there. They're not meant to be good anyway. I mean how could you not like Gino Odjik? Or our Italian Stallion Enrico Ciccone? These guys gave our team some personality at a time when we had none.

By the way, Brett Clark has turned himself into a pretty good defenceman in Colorado.

As for the other guys, who the **** is Francois Groleu? I don't remember him. A terrible list of what this organization was like in the late '90s though.

No Andre (Red Light) Racicot?

Murray looks like a cro-magnon man on his best days. I think he's a guy who cares, works hard and wants to do a good job, he just doesn't have the skill or the hockey sense to do it.

I don't see him having a long future in Montreal.

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