Thread: Post-Game Talk: Rangers at Devils 10/19/13
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10-20-2013, 12:32 AM
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Rebuild what exactly?

Rebuild is when you clean house. There's absolutely no reason to do something extreme like that. Not when you have a rather young roster that's been pretty successful over the years.

You guys are so impatient. It's so immature. You don't have the patience to watch an injured team learn a new system while starting the season on a brutal west coast trip, but you're patient enough to watch a full rebuild? Really?

What did ya'll expect? There are growing pains. Adjustments don't happen over night. Players are taught one thing for years, then with just a few months they have to make extreme adjustments.

Even if we suck ass all year long, you still don't rebuild the team. You retain guys that fit your system and style going forward. Retool. Evaluate. Retool some more.

And lastly, where's the guarantee that if we do rebuild, we end up superior team? Anyone?

The jokefest is going to continue. Suck it in folks. Embrace it. Most of you guys wanted change. We got it. Now give it a chance and let it evolve what we're hoping it could.

Wake me up in December.

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