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10-20-2013, 10:43 AM
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Good to have you back, SBOB. Miss your insightful posts now that you're "retired."

That being said, you've hit the nail on the head regarding this team's identity, or lack thereof. As someone who was in the fire Torts camp after the way in which he railroaded Marian Gaborik out of town, I will say, while the timing was spontaneous, the move was right.

Addressing your next point regarding the team's identity, I agree. They are attempting to transition from a defense-oriented shot blocking team, to a attacking, speed-based, transitional offense. While many of us (myself included) expected the team to be fine, it's obvious (even with injuries), that this team lacks the player personnel to conduct such a system. The breakout is a mess, the passing hasn't been crisp for the most part, and they desperately need speed infused into the top 9. While I'm not writing the season off after 7 road games played, there are causes for concern here. Lundqvist has seemingly caught this team's plague as well. They lack the players to run this system. Too many tweeners.

I think Glen Sather has, for the most part, done a better job since lockout Pt I, but anything was better than the throw **** against the wall and see what sticks philosophy they ran from 2000-04.

They seemingly have gotten back into that mindset. As for Rick Nash, always remember that he was PLAN B. The Rangers were hesitant to cave to Howson's demands, and if you recall, Shea Weber was given the grand tour by James Dolan. While the team is deep defensively, they sorely lack that true #1, especially with a guy like Weber being the rare RHD with the cannon shot.

You hit the nail on the head with this one.

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