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12-08-2006, 07:56 AM
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Originally Posted by Kanye West View Post
I have an exam in 1 hour DAMN what am I going to do! It's Chem and Instead of studying yesterday I Vegged looked on the internet for Habs related stuff. Then I watched the game... Then i watched what they said after the game. Then I...went on the internet looking for more Habs stuff...

Just Kept there's a Chem Exam scheduled for 9:00 am on Campus and i'm pretty far behind...what should I do?

Oh I'm so stressed... It snowed all day yesterday and I couldn't get to my friends house to study earlier on...

euh... they even had Heating problems with Residences and Buildings yesterday... at Western! it's like a Rich kid do they have a Heat problem? has no one payed the bills on time?

Euugh... for those who don't know western here's the link

LOL did the exact same thing except that my oral presentation is at 12h30, but my teamates gonna kill me, hope I will study instead of floating around on the internet cause I have an exam tomorrow at 8h30 and I haven't done anything for a month and an half...

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