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10-20-2013, 10:56 AM
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Originally Posted by jniklast View Post
We are 18 months removed from a trip to the conference finals and we have played eight, admittedly mostly pathetic, games this season under a new coach and system. It's definitely not "sell all" time yet, not even if we finish bottom five. Do you really think we will get better players than Lundqvist, Nash, Callahan and Staal in the next four drafts if we miss out on McDavid?
The Devils are 18 months removed from a trip to the cup finals and look where they are. That means nothing. These are the laurels we are resting on? You remember the path they took to get there? The absolute hardest, frustrating path. 18 months removed - who cares. We're 20 years removed from winning a cup, why don't you bring that up as an argument because it's just as valid.

You can't rebuild with those players on the roster, you just can't. It's either you go all in or you don't go at all. The half-assed "retools" aren't working.

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