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Originally Posted by Championship View Post
The Devils are 18 months removed from a trip to the cup finals and look where they are. That means nothing. These are the laurels we are resting on? You remember the path they took to get there? The absolute hardest, frustrating path. 18 months removed - who cares. We're 20 years removed from winning a cup, why don't you bring that up as an argument because it's just as valid.

You can't rebuild with those players on the roster, you just can't. It's either you go all in or you don't go at all. The half-assed "retools" aren't working.
But the Devils since have lost their top two (by a good margin) offensive threats, their franchise goalie is at the very end of his career and they generally have one of the older lineups. These things lead to a more or less automatic rebuild. Their GM was just stupid, so they don't have a 1st round pick this year and they can't start their rebuild yet.

Our situation is just completely different. If we can't keep Lundqvist, Staal and Callahan, then that would also be a pretty much automatic rebuild. Then I'd be absolutely on board with mailing in this and next season and trying to get a shot at McDavid. But keeping them is definitely prefered, as rebuilding is long and far from a sure thing. And for most rebuilds our current roster is the very best it gets. Pittsburgh and Chicago are the special cases, not the other way round.

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