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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Teams are desperate at the deadline. If those players are available, I could see getting firsts for most, if not all of those players. They won't be high first rounders, because it will be teams looking for that final piece to the Stanley Cup puzzle, but you better believe teams would be interested in going after these players.
In my opinion those guys would probably be able to bring, in the right circumstances (ie all healthy, teams that can fit them, teams that need them, did not have a completely abysmal year):

Hartnell: If he is scoring at .45+ PPG by the deadline (so heading for around 40 points) and fit:

a low 1st... as a proven 45-55 points scorer (8 seasons) at the deadline, who still has years left in him the going rate is usually around a 1st + (mid prospect, 3rd-5th rounder).

But there are more strings attached with Hartnell due to the NMC, contract length and injury... (his contract itself is actually very fair now in the NHL compared to when he signed it), but still, I imagine a low first is what could probably be prised off a playoff team for him.

Gaustad and a 4th got a 1st round pick from a Nashville team desperate to go deep in the playoffs. People may say about him being a FA after, and the contract implications... but they resigned him to a bigger deal after the playoffs!

Coburn: a 1st... people may say that he was not worth a 2nd over summer, but teams pay up at the deadline once they know they could compete. Kyle Quincey got a 1st + at the deadline, and I imagine they are valued quite similarly around the league for the different aspects they bring as 3-4 D men. Coburn would not get a + though, as he is a year or two older, and maybe 500k overpaid.

Kimmo: I imagine a 2nd, as even though he is a UFA, proven player who a lot of teams will want they know they will effectively be blowing a 2nd round pick, (which no-one will probably be willing to do with a first) as most teams with the UFA and RFAs trade rights over summer for a similar pick if they don't intend to resign... but there is a very large chance Kimmo retires.

Grossmann: Similar to what we got him for... a 2nd + a later pick. Look at 4-5 d men at the deadline over the last few years... they almost always get 2nds + a later round pick. I doubt we get a 2nd + a 3rd though, more likely a 2nd + a 4th. People may say about his contract... but the Flyers only gave him a 250K increase after trading for him and resigning.

Mez: At the deadline probably a 6th, 7th or a conditional if they are lucky in perfect circumstances. Ie a team with D crisis/lack of depth.

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