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10-20-2013, 12:12 PM
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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
All talk of trades or replacing the coach is simply re-shuffling the deck chair on the Titanic. As long as this current front office remains in power the team will never move beyond what it has been ó a middle of the road team that might win a round of two in the playoffs. Any thought that this team is a Cup contender is delusional.

The GM's lazy, quick fix, smartest-guy-in-the-room mentality has trickled down to every part of this organization ó and that includes the purported draft master Gordie Clarke and the supposed personnel wizard Jeff Gorton. The inability, or unwillingness, to look beyond the season thatís right in front of them is what keeps this the franchise in a constant revolving door of mediocrity.

But the laziness of which I speak is no more evident than in the fact that the team lacks an identity and organizational philosophy. Because creating an identity and team philosophy takes time and hard work. Thatís why it seems the GM, and the AGM are basically throwing darts while blindfolded when it comes to signing players or making trades. And that results in making moves in a vacuum with no forethought whatsoever (see the madness of the Nash trade, Gaborik trade, Torts firing timeline as a good example of that short-sightedness).

So what is this team? Or what do the powers that be want it to be?

If they are a gritty in your face team, then thereís no place for Taylor Pyatt, Mats Zuccarello, Derick Brassard or Benoit Pouliot on this roster.

If they are a puck control, up-tempo, push the pace team, they simply lack the personnel and talent to play that way ó and a coach (or coaching change) canít change that

The lack of an organizational philosophy is also the reason for the stunning failure in free agency. Sure, the high profile signing bustsóDrury, Gomez, Redden, Kasparaitis, Holik and possibly Richardsóare well documented (and donít tell me the Gomez contract was OK because they got McDonagh, that was never the intent when Gomez was signe). But consider this: since the first lockout, this GM has spent $32.275M on bottom six, place-holder, gap-fillers in Arron Asham, Mike Rupp, Donald Brashear, Derek Boogaard, Benoit Pouliot, Taylor Pyatt, Dominic Moore, Ruslan Fedotenko, Jason Ward, Ville Nieminen, Aaron Voros and Patrick Rissmiller. How is it that in 13 years, the team has not been able to develop players who are better than the names listed above?

Maybe it will be that history will show that the greatest achievement of the John Tortorella years was the ability of the coach to serve as a buffer between the sloppy, lazy mentality of the front office and his players. He was able to defuse Glen Sather's blustering gobbledegook of "Our goal is to win the Stanley Cup" with something that the players could control "We're going to outwork you every shift." Now that heís gone, things seem to have reverted back to the way things were ó especially without Ryan Callahan. Maybe the biggest message that firing Torts sent was this: the inmates now run the asylum.

The fact is every part of this team deserves blame. But the true failure is with the directionless decision makers at the top Itís been 13 years and they have failed thoroughly to build an identity, philosophy or even long-term strategy. Just let that sink in for a second, itís taken 13 years to get this team toÖ.here.
I couldn't possibly agree more. Especially your closing thoughts; 13 years in any other organization would have seen at one or two total regime changes with same results that our last 13 have had. The lack of any evidence of a plan is painful and the fact that this team has no evident design (as you said: what are we?), no identity and not even an overall guiding philosophy with regards to where it's all supposed to be going, 13 years into the current supervision, is enough to make a fan sick.

I have to say, this season will be extremely rough on these boards and it will be for the very fact that we're all fans (big enough fans to spend our time discovering this place and returning time and again to post our thoughts). We just all have a different perspective on this team of ours. Some of us see these early games this year and we take them more as a sign that the bottom has fallen out again. We don't feel like we're simply watching some rough games at the beginning of a season, but that we're witnessing the culmination of the most recent rounds of blindly tossing darts (to borrow from your post). Others, perhaps more optimistic or simply less fed up, see it as early games that the team can rebound from and scorn us for our "sky is falling" mentality. I agree with, and empathize with both sides of the argument. I don't want to see our team "blown up" and the players that I've come to love as Rangers scattered to other teams so that we can endure a few seasons of awfulness while they succeed in other jerseys. I also fully recognize that there is ample time for the team to turn this season around and have a winning record which, on the surface (although, in my opinion, only on the surface), makes blowing it up seem unnecessary. The problem is, even if this team has a winning record, all of the issues that Singn' brings up are still 100% valid and any thought that this team is actually a Cup contender truly is delusional. Once you accept that, simply righting the ship enough to make it to the post season this year becomes little more than a bandaid, or reshuffling the deck chairs, and still does not address the organizational ills that are plaguing this team and will continue to impede us from truly moving forward.

Again, I really just have to agree with every word that Singn' posted.

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