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Originally Posted by Kwayry View Post
First of all, let me say that only watched 2 games, the only 2 wins they got, so part of the blame should be on me not watching more often.

The team is not playing well and there is a lot of venting going on. I understand that, but there are some knee jerk reactions that are embarrassing.

Hank was never good enough? Really? All those top Vezina finalist were a mirage, the Vezina itself was a dream. I find it quite depressing that with all the years Hank has been the reason for the team making the playoffs, as soon as he struggles he gets thrown under the bus.

Blow up the team? Blow what up? This team is missing 3 key cogs, Callahan, Nash and Hagelin. Let's wait and see how this team plays with a full deck before jumping to conclusions. One of the issues I see, and there are many, is lot of people are playing out of position. Except Richards, everybody is at a 3rd/4th line player clip or worse. Tough to win with those.
Getting rid of the Pyatt, Moore, Powe would be a good start and replace them with Hrivik, Yogan those are good young/cheap bottom 6 players.

Full rebuild? You must be joking. You guys are giving up to rebuild after 7 games and you think you have the patience for a full rebuild?

The best thing to do it have some patience to see how this team plays until the deadline then make decisions. Right now everybody on the team is worth pennies on the dollar, it's the worst time to trade assets.

Again, I understand the need to vent because of the current product on the ice, but come on with the hyperbolas.

I'm one of the most frequent preachers of patience, and I think we need some here, but I also think we need to consider what might be coming down the line.

Nothing should be done right now. Hank is adjusting to the new equipment. The players are adjusting to the new coach. Once again, half the team is new, so they are adjusting to each other. Key players are out. Now is not the time to make knee-jerk moves.

That said, if the team is still struggling at the trade deadline, you can't deny that there is a real opportunity here to re-tool if it looks like the current core is not able to make a run for the Cup in the next couple of years. We have a lot of valuable players coming up for new contracts. If this team looks like a mediocre perpetual 7th/8th seed, then I think you almost have to see what you can get at the deadline for some of our bigger veteran names.

You would basically mark a handful of players as unavailable (so prospects and young vets under 23 or 24 years old--basically McD, MDZ, J. Moore, Stepan, the kids and maybe Hagelin) and sell everything else for high end prospects a year or two away and picks in the first two rounds of the next couple of drafts. By the time Step, the D and the kids are vets in their primes, those assets will be ready to contribute.

Again, not something I would do now or if the team puts it all together, but this kind of move might not be possible next year (due to the number of expiring contracts). You don't do it just to do it, but not to consider it is just as reckless to me.

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