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10-20-2013, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Was anybody else a little bit annoyed with the long time delay in getting to the Taylor Hall update on the game telecast and the false leader tagging going on?

Period ends, telecast states they will come back immediately after commercial break for news on Taylor Hall injury. Telecast then switches to Ottawa feed content after the longest commercial break I've seen. No mention of Taylor Hall whatsoever until before the next commercial break where they state they will immediately come back to update on Taylor Hall. They instead come back to update scores and play around the league. As a viewer I can't help note I was blatantly lied to 3 times. What is this Fox network? What is this a Geraldo Rivera telecast?

Finally, they play the Principe segment updating news on the Taylor Hall injury. This being at the end of the period intermission.

Its funny that I KNEW this was going to be viewer manipulation and it was. Its despicable imo that a telecast manipulates viewers to stick around through all the commercial breaks and not switch dial while fans have concern about an injury to a star player.

Kind of below the belt editorial and reporting priority in the telecast imo. hard to justify switching to the Ottawa feed and giving that priority timing when the other clubs star player is down with injury ant that impending update was falsely pre announced 3 times. Absolute clown nonsense and SNET getting worse and worse at product delivery.
I think they switched to SN East or Ontario for the intermission, so SN west may not have much of a choice to wait until the start of the 3rd to report anything

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