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Originally Posted by NAF View Post
Haha. I always picture you as Walter Sobchak whenever I read one of your rants. "Over the line! This naked aggression shall not stand! SHUT THE **** UP, DONNY!"

More zen, Replacement. Need way more zen.
I think it possible you may have ignored my preamble to rant, "A little bit annoyed". I should have stated "a tad, wee bit, kind of piddly somewhat annoyed"

I just found it interesting that a regional broadcaster was comfortable lying to viewers and putting itself in Gerald Rivera type incredibility. Its their own competency problem.

I thought it poor form as well considering this was concerning news on a star injured player.

Now I'll adopt the Walter Sobchak "Is there a line" if this behavior occurred in context of a more serious Taylor Hall injury (assuming this one isn't) such as say him being rammed head first into the boards and unconscious and unmoving would we then have a right to complain? Because I think SNet would've handled this just as ineptly in such an instance. I don't have faith they would give it appropriate consideration. Its just the Oilers..

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