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Originally Posted by KreidertheGlider View Post
There was a Canucks fan who posted on the NYR boards a few weeks ago. I couldn't find the post but I'll do my best to recap.

Paraphrased, he said:

Av's system is very hard to learn, Vancouver fans would give new players 2-3 months to adjust to his system.

It relies on many quick decisions. In the defensive zone, your decision relies on many observations such as whether the shooter is a righty or a lefty, etc.

It is apparently much more confusing than other NHL systems.

I'll give the players a few more weeks before I start calling them "dumb".
I don't buy this AT ALL. This is like one of those popular conspiracy theories out there that gets repeated all the time simply because it can't be disproved. What do you guys think a coaches "system" is? I played competitive hockey my entire life, including in college, and "the system" a team plays has much more to do with how you set up to break out of the zone once you've gained control of the puck, or whose responsibility the dump in is and who covers the slot. It's not a computer program. It's not an incredible, complex alien language that alters everything about how you play the game. You still do all of the fundamental things exactly the same way as you always have. Systems don't change how you defend a two on one or whether you pay attention to back door plays. They don't require to learn a new way of defending when the attackers comes at you one on one. Systems just have to do with HOW a team sets up. Think of it as a compilation of set plays that you try to continuously incorporate throughout the game, but you adapt just like your normal, fundamental hockey skills and instincts would dictate you should when the plays don't work the way they're practiced. You don't change the way you defend as an individual, you're just looking to get into the proper breakout for your "system" once you regain the puck. You don't neglect to pick up the back door play, you just have to know whose responsibility it is. Sure... I'm positive it gets a lot more in depth and complicated in the pro game, but these guys have all played NUMEROUS other systems throughout their life; learning a new system simply is NOT rocket science and it doesn't take MONTHS to learn. That is an absolute fairy tale in my opinion. We'll see in December, if the team magically "gets it" and becomes masters of Vigneault's algorithms and formulas, but I honestly can't believe how much is being made of "the system" in the search for an excuse for this team's play so far this year. It's like "system" is a new buzz word for NHL fans. A few years back you never would have even heard people talking about this kind of junk.

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