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10-20-2013, 05:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Leetch66 View Post
Even though we had a hard working team that was a hair away from the Finals...we were still desperately thin on offensive talent on that team . That team was destined to fail IMO because the mix was still not correct . You cannot have all workers and no scoring skill which we lacked then and still do . Hard work will only take you so have to have some young talent on the roster which is a job for the GM and scouting...something we have very little of . Our problems did not start with the Nash trade...nor the Richard signing...our problems were already showing up well before they arrived...some of us knew that and many also choose to ignore it . If we did not outwork or out block the other team or if the King did not stand on his Royal Head...we were done like dinner . The fall from grace falls strictly on Sather and the scouting department and a little bit on development from the Farm teams !
But, that doesn't explain why the players on the ice have absolutely no heart, no courage or a single brain between them. If they were playing hard at all, things wouldn't be so bad--but they are playing like a group that doesn't give a damn.

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