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10-20-2013, 06:58 PM
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Dogs lost 2-1 to the Marlies tonight to drop to 1-1-2. Mayer was in net, he looked quite good. Very steady. Not sure if Waite works with him as much but had a few very confident "Carey" gloves and played a good game. Not saying he was world beating but just more than I expect from him, which is very little.

Starting line up was;






Dogs looked pretty listless, but lots of penalties too. Not unlike our Habs last night. Hard to get anything going, got their first shot of the 2nd period at 15 mins in I think, yeesh. Mayer held them in as much as he can.

For forwards I think Aliu, Ghetto, and the top line of muckers and grinders were the best through 2. Aliu showed a lot of speed, that stood out to me and tons of hustle and tenacity. The puck found him a lot too. Didn't expect anything from him, so a good showing for my first time really paying attention to him. Leblanc showed a couple nice plays and some tenacity too but not much came out of it and usually he was buzzing around and noticeable but never touching the puck or even contacting opponents often, just buzzing around but he does have speed.

Top D pair was obviously a step ahead of the play many times IMO, very solid showing but not without a few flaws as in any losing game with hardly any shots. Nygren and Dietz also looked good, liked Nygren's play with the puck, smooth and great passing. Dietz showed more good speed and some aggression, I like him as a rookie. Seems to get decked a lot but hopefully just coincidence, otherwise he may need to learn to protect himself against bigger opposition. Schiestel and Chouinard both looked solid to me as well as guys I'd never seen before and had no opinion on. Schiestel brought some more offensive flash of the two and looked good carrying and distributing. Chouinard stood out less but that's not bad for D. Mind you I have way more of a mind for the offensive side of the game so my opinion on D stems mostly from puck carrying, distribution, skating, etc than positioning.

In the third lines changed up, Leblanc moved with Dumont-Tarnasky, Blunden went with I think Holland and Ghetto. Blunden scored off a strong mid height wrister when the puck was turned over right to him in the slot with no coverage. Unassisted, just a good shot from the slot on a quick opportunity. The offense turned it up a bit but couldn't bury anything, a real nice flurry at the end but it wasn't meant to be. Pateryn really drove things near the end on a few plays too, he wanted it. A solid third from the Dogs after a disappointing first two frames.

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