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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Jeff Gorton has been in his current role since July 2011. Glen Sather is the boss. It doesn't matter if he has delegated the day to day ops to Gorton or before him Don Maloney. In 2006,Bobby Clarke resigned as Flyers boss. His AGM Paul Holmgren replaced him. He had different views than Clarke. Holmgren's teams made the ECF in 2008 and the Cup finals in 2010. Holmgren made a million trades. He was his own man. Jerry Reese is his own man too. I'm sure he had different views than Ernie but Ernie was the boss. Reese has fielded the worst Giants team since the 1970s. No running backs. No offensive line. No tight end. No pass rushers. Linebackers aren't important in the Giants scheme so Reese gets a pass too there. Reese doesn't talk to the media. He is taking a page from the Sather playbook. No accountability.

Sather has to to go. If he has any self respect,Sather would admit his time running the team is over. He is 70 years old.
This would pertain to the current situation, but it's clear Sather and Dolan are only concerned with making money which does not exactly equate to winning games or building a team that can contend for multiple years. As long as the big bucks keep rolling in, why would he say he's doing anything wrong? To him and Dolan, everything is going just fine. And from a business standpoint, it is. These guys respect money and they're getting all the respect they want from fan wallets. The on-ice product obviously doesn't matter in a city like NYC as the team is the 3rd most profitable in the league or whatever it is. Random people are still going to go to games or buy whatever pieces of merch here and there just based on population and general foot traffic that is the city. Why would they feel any pressure to rebuild the team "correctly"? People are buying tickets, that's "correct" enough for the duo. They don't care about organization history or the city or the fans, they care about the bottom line and nothing but. If you were making whatever it is Sather is making and has made over the last 13 years, would you really say "Oh man, maybe X/Y/Z trades and A/B/C moves weren't the best for the team..I don't want to - nay, cannot - keep doing this to them or all the dedicated fans, it's just not fair"? HELL no. You'd have a cushy 6-figure job. You'd say "Oops that didn't really help the team much, but whatever let's just do something else later..huh? A plan? No, we'll figure out what ever single move we'll make later" as you light your Cubano with $100 bills. The closest Dolan came to caring about hockey was in 11-12 when he mentioned that mysterious offering to Sather if they won a Cup.

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