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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Their success was also due in large part to some very shrewd moves made by management. The Pens built around those two. The Hawks built around Toews and Kane. It's not as easy as getting high picks. You need to add the supporting cast. Those teams have done that, and each year they continue to do it.

The Rangers could deal away pieces like Girardi, Callahan, Nash and Lundqvist, and with the remaining pieces, plus a few good draft picks and the assets returned in trade, potentially be ready to compete again in 2 or 3 years. Stepan, Staal, McDonagh, Moore, Brassard, Miller, etc. That's a much better core than most rebuilding teams have to start from.

To get back on topic, Reinhart is the kind of guy you can build a forward group around, and the same can be said for Ekblad on D. My only concern with Ek is that he is an absolute physical monster right now. That gives him a huge advantage in juniors.
I think when you already have the elite players you get by drafting in the top three it makes it significantly easier to add to your supporting cast.

Your second paragraph I completely agree with although I would shop Brassard.

I think this years draft is about 6-7 players deep. Would not be optimistic of getting what the Rangers needs if drafting 10th or higher. I am a big fan of Draisaitl and Virtanen.

I agree about Ekblad. I am wary of players that are too physically dominant. I usually like players that don't have to grow into their bodies over the opposite, but as long as they arent relying on their size.

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