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10-20-2013, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Brooklyn Ranger View Post
The product on the ice does matter--if this continues, it will spill over to attendence. The organization doesn't have to worry this year, all the tickets have already been sold, but not having a full house in attendence means less concession stand stuff sold--which is where teams really make their money. And if you think the demand for tickets will remain the same, all you need to do is look back and see what the Garden looked like from 1999-2004 (and forget about selling seasons at a profit, or even face, for crappy games--the way many ticket holders do to be able to afford their season tickets).

And of course, the fans who do continue to go to games will get snarly too--nothing like repeated such and such sucks and chorus after chorus of fire (insert name here).

Yep, people are going to continue to pay top dollar to watch the wheels come off.
Rangers attendance remained pretty strong through the Dark Ages, from what I remember.

You can find 18,000 suckers in a city of 8M+

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