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12-08-2006, 12:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
It's just shuffling deck chairs, IMO... Samsonov for Morrison doesn't really truly solve anything. It gives one more option to try in the overblown hunt for this mythical 2nd line centre, but it's not an ideal-looking option, and the likelihood is we just finish the day seeing that instead we're stuck with Morrison's contract and no place that he fits in the lineup either. We saw some internal switches clicking a bit last night, and we'll get a chance to see more when Higgins comes back. Shuffling in the Morrison chair might not hurt us, but the problem is it doesn't *help* us either, and I suppose I might still like to hold out some vague hope that we can ultimately move (or use) Sammy in a way that does help us.
Well I agree it's a guessing game as we would think, like Gainey thought with Samsonov, that Morrisson could take this opportunity to show that he's a better player than he showed lately.

And for everyone who said that Morrisson was just a product of Naslund and Bertuzzi, well we might just have the perfect combination in Montreal for him to still be a product of (Kovy and Lats.....)

Don't get me wrong, it's definately not an ideal move ( I don't really like Morrisson that much) but who really would want to get rid of their #2 centre for any of our available players? Obviously Robert Lang came to my mind, but Detroit is not a out of playoffs team, why would they do this? He's 2nd for points until now. Unless we come with something great, I know. But who would be their #2 center? Draper? Williams? Not a great spot for him. Everybody needs to keep their centers where they are, the only team desperately in need for moves up front or they'll definately miss the playoffs are the 'Nucks.

So if you don't want Morrisson, go for Kesler then but being younger, and full of promises and way cheaper, there's no way they'll let him go.

I was just trying to find a deal that has a relative reason of being possible for both team, I didn't want to go in a Naslund-Bourdon for Murray-Niinimaa type of deal....

The thing is that all of our hopes are directed towards Higgins. I still don't believe too many people think Pleks can do it, but what if Higgs can't do it either, or is way better suited on the wings? What then?

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