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10-20-2013, 08:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Wingman77 View Post
Hockey Jumps - beneficial for balance, and also for explosiveness, but it simulates the motions you make as a skater, this is one of the exercises I've always found to me among the more helpful when I was playing consistently

(guy in this vid touches his back leg on the ground, try not to do so unless you absolutely have balance trouble while doing it)

Time/Reps: You can either do them for reps or timed, I prefer doing them for reps (40) because they take longer, and as a hockey player you of course want the endurance - either way take into account that an average hockey shift is 45-60 seconds so aiming for that amount of time+ is not a bad way to start.

Jumping Distance: I use 4 feet and you can use anything as markers so you know how far you have to jump each time and that most importantly, you are jumping consistent distances

Adding Variations: Over time you can add weight in some form to your body as you get the hang of it (weighted vest, dumbbells). I've added dumbbells in each hand while doing these as weighted vests aren't exactly cheap and because dumbbells are more accessible whether at home or the gym

While searching for a video for visual for this exercise, I actually came across this video as another variation of doing it, and now I'm pretty amped about trying it out , this is even better once you get the hang of it on flat ground for balance

I'll save you my entire back story, but I was off ice for nearly two decades and decided sometime between January and April to join a men's league this fall. After all of the skating over those months I got together with a new teammate who is a martial arts instructor as well as a skating instructor. The biggest changes were focusing on legs ALONE one day in the gym. I do squats, extensions, curls, calves and add/abductors. Sometimes single-leg presses. Usually second workout after a game. The other days get a typical split with hockey jumps thrown in between sets. These have made a HUGE difference in my stride as well as my overall balance (I don't touch my back foot to the ground or I start over). Also, I've made a conscious effort to STRETCH. EVERYTHING. Again, it's something that I talked about with my teammate, though I had always stretched a little before skating and a little after my workouts. I now do a full routine whether I workout or not. I stretch everything on leg day. I stretch everything on chest day. Etc. I've considered yoga but the pants make my ass look fat. Seriously, the "fluidity" afforded by stretching is wonderful.

Moral of story? I LOVE hockey jumps and absolutely believe they have helped me. And STRETCH.

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