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10-20-2013, 08:09 PM
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Originally Posted by rboomercat90 View Post
The fans revolted against Peter Pocklington to the point there were only 6500 people in the seats and the end result of that was almost losing the team. It has been drilled into everybody's head in Edmonton for twenty years that if the team isn't supported it will be moved. It can certainly be argued whether that threat is real or not today but that's why people still go.
Do you honestly think that's why season ticket holders continue to renew each year? Fear that if they don't, the team will move? Like they're doing some grand duty to keep the team here?

No they're doing it because they either enjoy going to the games, they sell the tickets and make money, or they use the tickets for corporate purposes.

Have you gone to any games in the past few years? Did you go to solely to ensure the team stays in Edmonton?

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